All the Art in Washington D.C.

All the Art in Washington D.C.

We found ourselves at Washington D.C. in late July this year. My dad lives nearby and suggested we check out the museums in the city! It turns out that the art museum was an excellent choice. Plenty of room and not too crowded. We saw fantastic pieces of art that we wouldn’t have a chance to see in North Carolina, So cool!

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Looking Back: New York

In 2010 I had the chance to take a brief internship on a film that took me to New York City. For two weeks I worked and wandered, taking photos along the way. I revisited that album, and extracted some of my favorites. While my photo skills weren't as good then, I still had an eye, albeit a touristy one. 

Trattoria 2010

NYC Taxi 2010

View From Columbus Circle 2010

Small Grocer 2010

Small Grocer 2010

Lincoln Theater 2010

Lady Looking at Warhol 2010

6th avenue midtown 2010

More to come!

It Begins

I'm generally excited. 

Which is a weird thing to say, I know. But it feels accurate. I'm excited about general areas of my life right now. Ideas are churning, and I'm laying out plans for a few projects.  

2015 was epiphanic. I've got new philosophies in regards to my skills, career, and interests.  I'm not letting myself get in the way. Creativity is a priority. It is a challenge. It is fulfilling. 

more to come...