You’re Never Stuck! 2017 Look-Back and Goals Reviewed

You’re Never Stuck! 2017 Look-Back and Goals Reviewed

The end of the year always lends itself to looking back to see how the last 365 days treated you. I usually take the time to review my goals, celebrate successes and critique what needs improvement. 

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Working Smart and Getting Angry

Something happened to me in November of 2015.  I grew unsatisfied. 

Unsatisfied with the way my life was progressing.  My career wasn't advancing. Our debt was increasing. My energy was draining. I felt stuck. 

Something happened. 

I got angry.  

I had to change. I couldn't allow myself to continue to aspire to a position I didn't really want simply to make more money to pay off debt that accrued from buying stuff I thought would make me happy and distract me from the  job I didn't really like. *inhale*  A vicious cycle indeed. 

The turning point: Learning a few hard lessons. The first of which is a cliche: Work smarter, not harder. 

It seems simple and sounds lazy. Aren't we all taught to work as hard as we can? To do our very best? To persevere? That we will be rewarded with hard work? Well, I can tell you that after being in that vicious cycle for three plus years, that notion is complete baloney. 

No one cares about how hard you work. People care if you bring them value. Sure, maybe your boss notices at first. They'll notice your insistence and work ethic. But diligence alone is not a guarantee for success. Hard work can get you a job, it does not make you money.  

So after I got angry, and after I read some interviews and articles about work and success this truth made a lot of sense to me. I was busting my ass at a job that I didn't hate, for a position I didn't want. I should have been working smarter. I should have been thinking about what I really wanted. I should have thought about how to create a lifestyle business around my desires and gifts. I should have thought of how to increase the return on my time and energy. I should have been taken on risk. I should have developed value. So many (too many) should-haves.

So Lesson one: Work smarter, not harder.  

Lesson two? Sometimes you need to get angry.