NODA Neighborhood Birthday Tour! Charlotte NC-Haberdish- Heist- Brewery - Dejai Noda

NODA is an emerging hip neighborhood in charlotte nc. I’ve been told its short for North Davidson St, which is the main drag through the area. NODA has a plethora of restaurants and places to eat. There was no shortage of eateries, breweries and coffee shops. Mackenzie treated me to a surprise birthday trip to Charlotte, and we had a blast hopping from place to place partaking in all NODA has to offer. 

Some of the restaurants and shops we went to include: 

Heist Brewery
Bold Missy Brewery
Trade and Lore (coffee shop)
NODA Brewery
Amelie’s Bakery

Other NODA places we went to (not included in the video)

The Neighborhood (by NODA Brewery)
Sabor Latin Street Grill

Traveling to NODA in Charlotte was a load of fun and included various restaurants and breweries to try that pleased our senses. Hope you enjoyed the short reviews and things to do in the neighborhood!

(Hope you guys liked a little mister rogers at the beginning)