All the Art in Washington D.C.

We found ourselves at Washington D.C. in late July this year. My dad lives nearby and suggested we check out the museums in the city! It turns out that the art museum was an excellent choice. Plenty of room and not too crowded. We saw fantastic pieces of art that we wouldn’t have a chance to see in North Carolina, So cool!

This travel vlog was very fun to make. I wanted to take more time to work on some animations that I’ve been trying to learn, and got to utilize lots of 3d tracking on the paintings in the art museum. hope you enjoy that! Washington D.C. also has an excellent local bakery called Baked and Wired! you should take the opportunity to try it if you have the chance!

P.S. Definitely DEFINITELY have a Maryland crab cake when you can. Washington D.C. and the greater Maryland area makes fantastic crab cakes.