You’re Never Stuck! 2017 Look-Back and Goals Reviewed

The end of the year always lends itself to looking back to see how the last 365 days treated you. I usually take the time to review my goals, celebrate successes and critique what needs improvement. 

I go over my learnings on being a youtuber, how i progressed with my real estate goals, and go over my most popular videos of the year. I also talk about goal setting and what most affected the outcomes of these goals. 

But i also carve out the theme for 2018.  

You’re Never Stuck.

If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied, you can always make a change. You can always take an action.  Make moves. It starts with the thinking and understanding that you’re never stuck, you’re never doomed. 

So! Here we go! time to kick off 2018 the right way. Positive reinforcement baby!