Proud to Announce...

Hello everyone! 

I had plans for this blog, and they got turned on its head very quickly.  In January I was hoping this blog would be an outlet of self expression but it has turned out to be far less than that. But all for good reason. 

After getting two (!) new jobs this year, life has provided me little time to create what I want to. I have so much I want to share/do and its been frustrating not having the tools/resources/time to do that. 

Sorry I've not been able to update.

Hopefully, though, this is about to change. I have a few announcements.

1. I've been working for a production company out of Raleigh, NC called Charis Films as an editor.  It's been fantastic working with a team that strives to create excellent content for its clients and its been incredibly uplifting to be able to use talents that i've been itching to use for quite some time.  We've got big plans for the future of the company and I hope you would check us out!

2.  I'm  doing the post-production sound for the feature film "Born River Bye."  My good friend, Tim Hall, directed a feature film not too long ago and he needed someone to help out with their sound. That's where I come in. I am incredibly flattered and very excited to help Tim on this project, and I can't wait for everyone to see it. 

3. I'm starting a Youtube Channel.  Of all my projects, this one will be the most difficult. Finding the time and energy to fit this into my daily commitment ensures toil and possible sleep deprivation. But I'm determined to make it happen. The channel is going to center around the idea of creating rather than consuming. You'll likely be able to see some editing, gardening, woodworking, cooking, and travel videos in the future. These videos will also co-inside with this website and blog. Yay!

I'm announcing these publicly as a way to keep me accountable. To let everyone know I'm doing these things, and that they should ask me about them. I want to accomplish more, be more productive, and do what I love.  

Alright, Lets do work.