You’re Never Stuck! 2017 Look-Back and Goals Reviewed

You’re Never Stuck! 2017 Look-Back and Goals Reviewed

The end of the year always lends itself to looking back to see how the last 365 days treated you. I usually take the time to review my goals, celebrate successes and critique what needs improvement. 

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Sarasota Florida - Lido Beach - Just Because - Macarons

While the vacation as a whole was somewhat ruined by hurricane irma, the first few days were a blast. We had the beach all to ourselves and were ale to take advantage of the scarce crowds. It was our first time checking out the gulf of mexico, which, as it turns out, is a different type of experience to say, the atlantic ocean? 

There were some great shops at St. Armands Circle and nice drinks at the Lido Key Resort bar. 

Just Because, and Macaron were great highlights to the first few days, and would receive a healthy recommendation from us as well. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

Four Lessons Learned on Goals and Productivity

2017 has been a nice ride so far. I’ve been keeping track of my goals and as we surpass the first quarter and approach the half way point, I thought I would share four lessons I’ve learned. 

I touch on career goals with video production, savings obstacles with money, and the challenges of productivity and how I’ve learned to combat them.